Entry Form Moto – Quad – SSV

If you like to participate, please fill the entry form below.

No participant will be permitted to start the event if he / she does not present all the following documents to the Administration Check.
It is mandatory to present documents and if they fail to do so, Entry Fee will not be refunded. All participants should send to info@hispaniarally.org all necessary documents in digital copies, while during administration the original documents should be provided to the race administration.For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
All participants must have:
A) For their Vehicle:
1) Documentación del vehículo.
2) Póliza de seguro.
3) Tarjeta verde. (vehículos matriculados fuera de España)

B) For Riders
1) Licencia de carrera si la clase lo requiere.
2) Seguro de accidentes personales para carreras.


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